Vul. Khmelnytskohoho, 036 – St. Onuphrius Monastery

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The monastery building is located on the old territory of Lviv of the princely rule, at the foot of Castle Mountain. It creates a single architectural ensemble with st. Onufriy’s Church and bell tower. There are no clear style features, since the construction was underway in different periods. The main construction dates are: 1683, 1693-1698 (building of defence walls), the end of the eighteenth-beginning of the nineteenth centuries (reconstructions) and 1998 (restoration with a partial reconstruction).


This brick two-story building is shaped as an elongated rectangular. It is a monastery building of a defence type. The fragments of the old fortification are adjacent to the monastery’s building. The old ceilings have been partially preserved.  

Today the building houses cells of the monks of the Order of St. Vasyliy the Great of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

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