Pl. Sv. Yura, 5 – St. Yuriy (St. George) Cathedral

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St. George Cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is the main building of the Sviatoiurivska Mountain construction complex and is one of the most dominant features of the Lviv panorama. The cathedral was built over the course of 1744-1761 (by the architects B. Meretyn and K. Fesinger) and was restored in 1905-1911, 1933, 1980 and 1999-2001.

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The church is a cross-shaped, single cupola church with three naves and four pillars and is built from stone and brick. The emphasis of its architectural composition is a tall tower with a cubic drum and graceful lantern. The central vault leans on sturdy arches; the shoulders of the Greek cross that lays in the foundation of the plan are covered with a cross-shaped vaulted ceiling. Twin flight stairs lead to the building which stands on a high terrace.    

The statue of St. George the Dragon Slayer on a horse is set up over the main façade of the church, the large figures of St. Leo and St. Athanasius by the prominent late Baroque sculptor J. Pinsel flank the portal. On the stairway flights the “Geniuses” stone figures (by the sculptor S. Stazewski) are located; St. Onufry’s statue (by the sculptor M. Filiewicz) is in an artificial grotto under the stairs. The attics and balustrade over the church’s façade are decorated with rocaille flower pots.  

In the interior, the empores enclosed by the balustrades are set up over the side naves. The pillars and walls are decorated with pilasters and ornamental moulding in the Rococo style. The carved four-tier iconostasis (the work of K. Fesinger, I. Obrocki, S. Stazewski, S. Fesinger and M. Filiewicz) is executed in the same style. The icons are the work of Y. Radiwilowski (1770-1771) and L. Dolinski (1778-1781). The murals date to 1876 (and the artist is E.-R. Fabiansi).

St. George Church is one of the masterpieces of late European Baroque architecture.

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