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Lviv Interactive (LIA) is a web-accessible, interactive historical map of the city of Lviv. The map seeks to present the contemporary, living city in its historical dimension rather than reproducing a static picture of the past. This concept sets the project apart from a variety of existing history-centered internet sites also based on city maps. Historical relevance is considered from the perspective of how it helped shape today's city: its outward appearance, internal functioning and socio-cultural system.

Depending on the search criteria chosen, the interactive map provides different views of the city thus reflecting the complexity of the urban system. Each visitor or new search can provide different answers depending on the aspect of city in question: one may search through buildings, streets, monuments or all featured objects, or browse the map by region (see, for example, Center, Bohomoltsya Street, Citadel, Sykhiv), or follow the history of the city through our themes (see Sacred City, Lemberg Secession and Fin de siècle City). At the end, the search leads to a number of objects which are usually highlighted on the map with icons, and which by clicking display information on a particular architectural site, building, person etc.

The project is powered by Google© Maps, which provides maps for large parts of the globe and a variety of useful functions such as zooming, markers, layers, customization etc. Two versions of the map are simultaneously available: map proper and satellite picture. The map will react to the search enquiry by marking (with signs, color or both) the places in the city that have corresponding categories. By pointing on the marked spot, the viewer will find a popup or link to all the available information on the object.

The project draws on a great resource of information available in the files of the Center and the State Archive of Lviv Oblast (Derzhavnyi arkhiv L'vivs'koi oblasti, DALO) and the Galiciana project, directed by Ihor Zhuk. It is based on the use of primary archival material and expert reviewing.

Materials used in the Lviv Interactive Project are from the Center for Urban History Library.

We welcome everybody to add relevant information to our database. Please consult our Terms of Use and for further information please contact the committee currently in charge of the project under: [email protected].


  • Taras Nazaruk

    "Lviv Interactive" project leader

  • Roksolyana Holovata

    Researcher, a post-graduate research student at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Faculty of Humanities) and Wroclaw University (Institute of the Art History). 

  • Olha Zarechnyuk

    Editor of the architectural part of the project, researches Lviv's architecture of late 19th and early 20th centuries, is an author of building's architectural descriptions.

Participants of the Lviv Interactive seminar

  • Nazar Kis

    Historian, a research fellow at the Ivan Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the NAS of Ukraine, a Candidate of History.

  • Roman Melnyk

    Historian, a post-graduate student at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv). 

  • Ivanna Cherchovych

    Сoordinator of Educational projects, researcher at the Center for Urban History. Member of the Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Women’s History.

  • Sofia Dyak

    Historian, researcher (2007-2010), director of the Center and the head of the Foundation in Ukraine (2010-present)

  • Sofia Dyak

    Historian, researcher (2007-2010), director of the Center and the head of the Foundation in Ukraine (2010-present)

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