Vul. Pekarska, 50 – Veterinary Medicine Academy Main building

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(50 Pekarska Street, 1960’s). The building of the Lviv State Academy of Veterinary Medicine was built in the Stalinist Heoclassical style; the design was completed in 1961 in the studio of a well-known Soviet architect, I. Zholtovskyi. The building is located on Pekarska Street after the intersection with Tershakivtsiv Street and is a dominant architectural feature of the street. A memorial plaque in honor of the Academy Professor Stepan Grzycki can be seen on the façade of the main building. This architectural site is a characteristic example of Stalinist Heoclassicism; it has historic value as a building connected with the activities of Stepan Grzycki. It is a historic monument of local significance.


The Veterinary Academy was opened in 1881. It was then located on another site, what is currently 67 Levytskoho Street. According to the order No. 528 of the Head of the Lviv State Regional Administration dated 19 July 1995, the building was registered as a historic site of local significance.

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The main building of the Academy is complex in its layout; it is a three-story building with a high socle and a high mansard roof. The interior planning is predominantly of a corridor type. Elements of Heoclassical style were used in the architecture of the building, such as a monumental portico with columns and somewhat exaggerated proportions.

A bronze memorial plaque (70 x 50 cm) is located on the façade of the main building of the Academy on the level of the first floor. It is completed as a high relief bust of a well-known scholar, Professor Stepan Grzycki, located in a deep niche. At the bottom of the plaque there is the following sign: “A prominent Ukrainian biochemist, member-correspondent of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Agriculture (УАСГН), Professor Stepan Grzycki (1900-1976), studied and worked in the Institute, the former Academy of Veterinary Medicine.” The plaque was unveiled in 1991 according to decision No. 5, dated 3 January 1990, of the Lviv Execution Committee. The plaque was created according to the project by sculptor V. Turetskyi and the architect I. Mykytiuk. 

This architectural site is a characteristic example of Stalinist Neoclassicism; it has historic value as a building connected with the activities of the prominent Ukrainian scholar, Professor Stepan Grzycki.

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Vul. Levytskoho – Veterinary Academy building

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