Vul. Metrolohichna, 03 – residential building

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This four-story apartment building (1911-1912; Ivan Levynsky architectural bureau) forms an ensemble with the neighboring house no. 67 on Kotliarevskogo Street. In apartment sections, internal planning is organized according to the two-tract principle. This is an example of the early twentieth-century Neoclassicism.


Building period:

1911-1912. The project was approved on 29 May 1911 (SALR 2/2/699/1-11). The construction was completed in 1912.

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Planning and Design:

The building is located on a parcel with a deviation from the street regulation line. There is a strip of garden is in front of the building; it is separated from the passage with a fence. The main façade is oriented to the south. The building borders with its fireproof wall on the corner house no. 67 on Kotliarevskogo Street; it forms a harmonic ensemble with this building. The floor plan is rectangular, with a diagonal cut from the rear side on the line of the north-eastern fireproof wall.

The building has four floors and a socle.

From the side of Metrolohichna Street the central part of the façade is accentuated with a strong buttress; the balconies are built on the second and the third floor flanking the buttress. The lower and the upper parts of the façade wall are separated with cornices on the level of the first and the fourth floors. On the ground floor, the façade is decorated with horizontal rustication.

The windows are rectangular. Three window slits separated by lisens are built in the buttress on the level of each floor from the side of Metrolohichna Street. Narrow side sections of the main façade have one window per each of them. The rear façade perpendicular to Metrolohichna Street (the eastern façade) has three windows per each floor. Balcony galleries are located on the rear façade.

The building is covered with a gable roof.  
The entrance gate, flanked with semi columns is in the center of the buttress from Metrolohichna Street. The entrance lobby and the staircase are on the same axis. Two apartment sections with two-tract location of premises are designed per each floor.

Style and Decoration:

The style of the building is the early twentieth-century Neoclassicism. 
The reliefs with a motif of garland located on a frieze between the windows of the fourth floor are the main element of the façade decoration. Decorative ironwork of window ceiling flowerpots are an additional detail of window design. The other elements of decoration are ceramic wall panels and floor tiles in the stairwell, as well as stairway railings.

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