Vul. Kotlyarevskoho, 29 – residential building

ID: 541

A single-family home-villa (1891-1892; co-authored by Julian Zachariewicz and Ivan Levynsky). Together with the neighboring villas no. 27 and 31 this created a group of single-family buildings which became an integral component of Kastelivka district. The villa occupies a parcel on the slope of the valley; a garden and a strip of flowerbeds are arranged in front of it. It has two floors; wooden elements dominate in its decoration: small wooden roofs and balcony finishing. In the early twentieth century several reconstructions were completed, though the building has mainly preserved its original character. Its style is typical for a late Historicist villa.  

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Справа з будівництва будинку на вул. Котляревського, № 29 – Державний архів Львівської області (ДАЛО), ф. 2, оп. 1, спр. 5255.

Material compiled by Ihor Zhuk