Vul. Klyonovycha, 4 – residential building

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Residential Historicist building with neobaroque facade elements, constructed in 1895. The project, which included two three-story buildings (4 Klionovycha Street and 9 Levytskoho Street) on the parcel belonging to Teofila Nikolicz, was designed by the architects Jakub Sołomon Kroch and Maurycy Silberstein. The project was approved by the magistrate in 1894. Beginning on July 1911 the building’s owner, Michal Teppa, leased it to the Command of the Third Brigade of the Cavalry of the State Ministry of Defense (3 Brygady Kawalerii Ministerstwa Obrony Krajowej). In 1911 the architect Wlodzimierz Podhorodecki carried the building’s reconstruction. In the  1910s Aleksander Antoni Wolski, writer and editor of periodicals "Dziennik polski" and "Skorowidz adresowy" resided here. In the 1930’s the building belonged to Klara and Rachmann Reiss. Presently it is used for residential purposes (2009).


The residential building is located on the perimeter construction of the street. It was created in the Revival style with Baroque elements. The building has three floors and a complex floor plan; it has one rear extension and an inner courtyard, is built of plastered brick. The composition of the main façade is symmetric with a buttressed central section and an entrance gate located symmetrically to the main axis. The first floor is decorated with linear rustic stone arranged with graceful plastics and is separated from the second floor by a profiled belt course. The buttressed section is vertically accentuated on the level of the second and the third floors by pilasters of the Composite order. The architecturally dominant feature of the façade is a balcony on molded corbels shaped as grand volutes with a molded baluster fence; it is located on the level of the second floor and protrudes for the whole width of the buttressed section. A semi circular balcony on a similar cup-shaped corbel projects out on the level of the third floor. The building’s windows have profiled framings. They are adorned with keystones on the level of the first floor; on the level of the second floor they are decorated with triangular window cornices with molded insertions under them and women’s heads in the center; on the third floor the windows have Neo-Baroque shells in place of keystones. While the windows of the first and second floors are rectangular, the windows of the third floor have segmented tops. The windows of the buttressed section on the second floor are adorned with archivolts with Neo-Baroque shells located under them on a semi-circular background. Keystones shaped as small volutes are above the archivolts. Roof windows are decorated with molding. The building is topped off with a profiled cornice beautified with a row of Ionic mosaic, denticles and decorative consoles.

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Authors of the design:

architects Jakub Sołomon Kroch and Maurycy Silberstein; the project of the building’s reconstruction was completed in 1911 by the architect Włodzimierz Podhorodecki.

Owners of the real estate:

In the early twentieth century it was owned by Michał Teppa, in accordance with the documents of DALO 4802/5 dated 3 June 1908, DALO 4802/the signature on the project from 1911, approved on 6 November 1911.

In the 1930’s, according to some literary sources, the building was in possession of Klara and Rachmann Reiss.


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Material compiled by Khrystyna Kharchuk and Iryna Kotlobulatova