Vul. Klyonovycha, 6 – residential building

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Residential Historicist building with Neo-Baroque elements, constructed in 1895 according to a common project for four buildings by the architects Jakub Sołomon Kroch and Maurycy Silberstein. These buildings belonged to the architects Kroch and Silberstein at the turn of the nineteenth century. The building is currently used for residential purposes (2009).


On 26 February 1895 the owners of plots number 504, 505, 506 4/4, architects Jakub Sołomon Kroch and Maurycy Silberstein, requested the magistrate’s permission to construct a three-story building; this building would be constructed according to their own project on a newly created side street from Kokhanovshoho (presently K. Levytskoho) Street on parcel No. 6417/2 that belonged to Teofila Nikolicz. On 8 March 1895 the magistrate gave permission according to their plans approved on 13 February 1895. For the connection and usage of the sewage system J. Kroch and M. Silberstein paid 107 zlotyh 96 cents to the city cash office. On 1 September 1896 the owners request the magistrate’s permission to move into two buildings (6 and 8 Klionovycha Street). On 8 September 1896 the magistrate gave permission to move into the two newly built three-story buildings and witnessed that their construction was finished on 15 September 1896 according to an appeal dated 31 August 1896. On 7 September 1896 the magistrate’s office appealed to the regional court to accept a new conscription number of the building (6 Klionovycha Street) on parcel number 4320 – changing it to 233 4/4 – and of the adjacent parcel 4321, changing it to 234 4/4 (8 Klionovycha); the owners J. Kroch and M. Silberstein were accordingly informed. On 16 August 1910 Feiwel Fränkel requested the magistrate’s permission to construct a shop window and remodel the window to a door for his shop on the first floor in the building on 6 Klionovycha Street. On 7 October 1910, according to an application of the owner F. Fränkel, the magistrate gave permission according to the plans approved on 6 November 1910. The project of the reconstruction of the premises on the first floor to become a shop was completed by the architect Henryk Orlean.

On 6 July 1929 the magistrate turned to Stanislaw Oster, the owner of the building on 6 Klionovycha Street, since his main façade and the staircase were demolished and needed renovation. The magistrate demanded that these works be completed by 15 August 1929. Since the owner of the building, S. Oster, died on 22 May 1929, the widow, Kłara Oster, asked the magistrate to prolong the term for her to complete the works. The magistrate first prolonged the term until 1 March 1930, then until 22 April 1930. On 6 September 1930 the works to renovate the main façade and the staircase were finished.


This residential building located on the perimeter construction of the street was created in the Revival style with Neo-Baroque elements. This three-story plastered brick building is complex in its floor layout and has rear extensions. The symmetric composition of the main façade is somewhat interrupted with an entrance gate located to the right. The first floor is emphasized with horizontal rustication and separated from the second floor with a profiled belt course. The windows of the first and second floors are rectangular; on the first floor they are adorned with keystones; on the second floor they have profiled framings and are crowned with segmented window cornices, decorated with Neo-Baroque shells at the center. The windows of the third floor have segmented tops, profiled framings, and are beautified with Neo-Baroque moldings on top. Profiled belt courses are located under the windows of the second and the third floors. The building is crowned with a profiled cornice with a number of corbels, denticles and an Ionic belt course.

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Kroch, Jakub Sołomon – architect who designed the house, it's co-owner (1895)
Silberstein, Maurycy – architect who designed the house, it's co-owner (1895)
Orlean, Henryk – architect, author of reconstruction design (1910)
Fränkel, Feiwel – the building's owner (1910s)
Dr. Oster, Stanisław – the building's co-owner (1920s-1930s)
Oster, Klara – the building's co-owner (1920s-1930s)


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Material compiled by Khrystyna Kharchuk and Iryna Kotlobulatova