Vul. Bohuna, 7 – residential building

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Multi-apartment residential building (constructed 1906-1907 by the Ivan Levynskyi buerau [project co-developed by Ivan Levynskyi and Lew Lewiński?]). The three-storey building is L-shaped in its layout, which is traditional for buildings, consisting of a main frontal wing, and and internal wing. The façade, oriented along a regulation line, is decorated by a triangular gable. Characteristic of the building's décor are the geometrical ornamental forms, which show the builders' gravitation toward late Art Nouveau style.

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Layout and spatial composition:

The building, constructed on a rectangular plot, is L-shaped in its layout. This layout is traditional for buildings, consisting of a frontal main wing, and an additional internal wing. The placement of the façade, which is oriented westwards, is determined by a regulation line – the boundary of the block's perimetral construction.

The neighboring building No. 5 is also L-shaped in its layout, and is a mirror reflection of No. 7. The two buildings together (Nos. 5 and 7) form a T-shaped building block. The buildings share a common ventilation shaft, built into the body between adjacent firewalls.

The plot of No. 7's internal courtyard is part of a larger courtyard situated within the block between Bohuna, Kotliarevskoho, Nechuya-Levytskoho, and Henerala Chuprynky Streets, and shared by the buildings of the block's southern section.

The building consists of three stories.

The middle part of the façade is accentuated by a façade projection, which concludes in a triangular gable, flanked by angle boxes, as well as the high third-story balcony. On the level of the second story, the side sections of the façade wall hold two balconies. The lower level of the façade is separated by a wide line of relief ornamental frieze. Another frieze runs along the upper section of the façade, crossing the partitions between the conclusions of the third-story windows. The façade is covered with carving.

The window apertures are rectangular in shape. Every story holds a pair of windows, located at the protrusion of the central façade projection; and one wider window on the side sections of the façade. The gable holds a row of four small windows, which light the attic.

The buidling is covered by a double-shingled roof.

The entrance portal is located in the central part of the body, with a slight shift to the left edge of the façade projection. The lobby and staircase are situated perpendicularly to the façade, along a single axis.

The layout of the apartments is sectional. There are two apartments in each story. The frontal block employs the traditional principle of situating residential premises along two rows.

Stylistic character and decoration:

The building's decorative setting is typical of the period of late Secession.

The façade is decorated by a majolica décor – a ceramic frieze, situated under the cornice and the two panels under the side windows of the third story. The majolica tiles are composed after the manner of a chessboard in the ceramic décor. The boxes, flanking the gable present relief depictions of an owl and a dog (wolf?). The decorative complex is augmented by the wire-net of the topmost balcony. The gateway is decorated by ceramic tiles on the floor, ceramic panels on the lobby walls, and wire-nets on the staircase.

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Vul. Bohuna, 5 – residential building

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Architect: Ivan Levynskyi. The architectural project was possibly further elaborated by Lew Lewiński, employed at the company in the second half of the 1900s.

Owner: according to the documents, the first proprietor of the building was Ludwik Hirsch, who ordered the building's construction.


Справа з будівництва будинку на вул. Богуна, № 7 – Державний архів Львівської області (ДАЛО), ф. 2, оп. 1, спр. 771.

Material compiled by Ihor Zhuk