Vul. Bohuna, 5 – residential building

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Multi-apartment residential building (constructed 1906-1907 by the Project Bureau of Ivan Levynsky [project co-developed by Ivan Levynskyi and Lew Lewiński]). The three-storied Art Nuveau building is L-shaped in its layout. The frontal wing is augmented by an additional wing, built at a right angle to it. Together with the neighboring building No. 7, the stonehouse forms a T-shaped building block. The façade stands out in perspective thanks to its attic's horseshoe-shaped shield.


Construction period:

1906-1907. The house was constructed simultaneously with the neighboring building No. 7, as part of a building complex. The documents pertaining to building No. 7 (DALO 2 / 1 / 771) provide the time frame and the authorship for the construction project.

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Layout and spatial composition:

The building was constructed on a rectangular plot, and has the shape of an overturned L. The main frontal body is augmented by an additional wing, added at a right angle. The placement of the façade is determined by a regulating line. The façade is oriented in a western direction.

The neighboring building No. 7 is also L-shaped, but mirrors its neighbor. The building block, consisting of buildings No. 5 and 7 is thus T-shaped. The buildings share a ventilation shaft, «cut» into the body centrally between firewalls.

The plot of the internal courtyard of building No. 5 is part of a spacious courtyard in the middle of the block, between Bohuna, Henerala Chuprynky, Nechuya-Levytskoho, and Kotlyarevskoho Streets, which is a common courtyard for the buildings of the northern part of the block.

The building consists of three stories.

The middle part of the façade is finished by a façade projection, ending in the horseshoe-shaped shield of the attic with an oval attic window. Under this are lesenes (in spaces between the windows of the uppermost story), and a wide central balcony in the second floor. The side sections of the façade wall exhibit cornice-rooflets with consoles, and two balconies in the second story. Sections of linear carving, which accentuate the lower level of the façade, as well as rows of relief lines between the windows of the second floor, serve as horizontal accents of the building's composition.

The windows are rectangular in shape. The protrusion of the central façade projection holds two window apertures for each story, the sides of the façade hold one such aperture for each story.

The building is covered by a double-shingled roof.

The entrance portal is placed in the center of the façade, by the right edge of the façade projection. The lobby and staircase are situated along the same axis, perpendicular to the façade.

The building's interior planning is based upon the principle of two rows of rooms. Each story has two apartments. Horizontal projection is a characteristic example of sectional palnning of an early twentieth century multi-apartment building.

Stylistic character and decoration:

The building was decorated in late Secession style.

The façade holds majolica panels, exhibiting the pattern of a grapevine, as well as smaller ceramic insertions under the cornices and on the attic shield. The façade reliefs exhibit motifs of a garland and a wreath, as well as abstract geometric ornamental forms. The décor complex includes cast-iron wire-nets of the balcony fences and brackets. The gateway is decorated by ceramic tiles on the floor, and wire-nets in the staircase.

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Vul. Bohuna, 7 – residential building

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Architect: Ivan Levynskyi. The architectural project was further elaborated by one of the architects from Levynskiy's bureau, employed at the company in the second half of the 1900s. It could have been Lew Lewiński.


Справа з будівництва будинку на вул. Богуна, № 7 – Державний архів Львівської області (ДАЛО), ф. 2, оп. 1, спр. 771.

Material compiled by Ihor Zhuk