Leon Szajowicz

ID: 18
Lawyer, enterpreneur.
Leon Szajowicz (1892-?), a lawyer. He finished gymnasium in Lemberg in 1911 and entered the university, first the Philosophy Department, then the Law Department. Later, Szajowicz went to Berlin, where he finished the Academy of Trade and also studied at the Academy of Art. From 1924 he maintained his own advocacy office in Lwów. For several years Szajowicz was director of the Provincial Union of Crude Oil Producers (Krajowy Związek Producentów Ropy) and Związek Bruttowców [?], and also director of the firm "Pezet."

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Vul. Bohomoltsia, 10 – residential building

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Vul. Hrushevskoho, 4 – Lviv National Franko University building

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Almanach Żydowski Hermana Stachla. Lwów, 1937.

Written by Iryna Kotlobulatova