Vul. Krakivska, 21 – Church of the Transfiguration

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Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord - Preobrazhenska Church (21 Krakivska Street). This sacred building is situated on a separate plot of land in the center of the city. It was constructed on the foundation of a church of the eighteenth century – a former Roman Catholic Church of the Trinity Order; its walls and other constructions that had survived the fire of 1848 were also used for the building. The main construction periods are: 1703-1731 (construction of the Roman Catholic Church of the Trinity Order), 1783 (reconstruction to serve as the University’s library) and 1875-1898 (the modern church, by the architect S. Hawryszkiewicz). In its modern condition, the architecture of the Church of the Transfiguration unites the Revival styles (Classical variant with Ukrainian sacral architecture traditions involved) with remains of Baroque and early Classicism styles (elements of the old building).


The church is built from stone and is plastered. Its plan calls for a basilica with three naves, an elongated semicircular apse and insignificant transept projections. It has three cupolas. The main cupola opens up in the interior, while two other cupolas are set up over the flanking towers of the façade. The façades are segmented with pilasters and the main portal is flanked with columns. The entablature has a developed cornice. The windows have arched tops.  

Plastics in the interior and sculptures in the drum are the work of L. Markoni. The iconostasis was made by T. Popiel. Paintings belongs to the brush of T. Kopystynski and K. Ustyjanovych.



The entry was developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002

By Ihor Zhuk

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