Pl. Sv. Yura, 5 – the Curia building

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Monastery and administrative buildings by St. George Church. The architectural ensemble of the St. George’s Hill is complimented with three separate administrative-residential constructions with a bell tower added to them; they surround St. George Church. These buildings form a three-sided structure with Baroque, Rococo, Classicist and Revival architectural features.


The main construction dates are 1738 (the northern building, by the architect J. Jedyniec), the 1760’s-1770’s (the southern building by the architect K. Fesinger), 1865 (the bell tower) and 1866 (the western building, by the architect J. Braunzeiss).


The buildings are three-storey plastered brick and stone constructions with gable and mansard roofs. The façades are segmented by scoops and decorated with pilasters; the attics are crowned with pediments. The inner design has a corridor structure with cross-shaped and cylinder vaulted ceilings.  The bell tower is square in its design, built from brick, four-tiered and crowned with a Baroque style cupola with decorative lucarnes.

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