Vul. Lychakivska, 049a – St. Anthony Church

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St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church is located to the east of the city center, on the slope of a hill on the upper part of a former Lychakivsky suburb. It stands between Zankovetska and Solodova Streets on a corner plot of land surrounded by a wall. The main dates and periods fixed in the construction chronology are the following: 1718-1739, 1765 (reconstruction, by the architect Franciszek Kulczycki), 1818 (erecting a bell tower, by the architect Józef Markl) and 1899-1901 (restoration, adding a presbytery). This church’s architecture is characterized by late Baroque and Rococo forms.


The church is built from brick, has a single nave, a multifaceted apse, chapels and a vestry with in the form of a prism. It has a cross-shaped vaulted ceiling and a gable roof with a small tower along its axis. The two-tiered façade is segmented with pilasters and is topped off with a rocaille pediment with a niche (dating to 1765). The window slits have rounded tops. A bell tower with three arches was built onto the southwest side of the church. Stone stairs leads to the main entrance of the church that faces Lychakivska Street.
On the parapet of the stairs a stands a sculpture of the Mother of God (the middle of the eighteenth century, by the sculptor S. Fesinger), while a figure St. Anthony (dating to the middle of the eighteenth century, the work of F. Fesinger) stands in front of the bell tower. The interior has preserved the vault murals dating to the nineteenth century. The altars are decorated with plastics from the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries.

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