Pl. Katedralna, 1 – Campian Chapel

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The historic name of the Campian Chapel is connected with the name of its founders, the family of Lviv patricians from the seventeenth century. The entrance to the chapel is from the northern nave of the Latin Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, onto which it is built. The construction dates to the end of the sixteenth—beginning of the seventeenth centuries (the architects are P. Rymlianyn and V. Kapinos). Restoration was completed in 1905-1907 (by the architect W. Sadlowski).


The chapel is square, built from stone, and covered with a vaulted ceiling. Its façade, integrated with the northern wall of the Latin Cathedral, has a rusticated foundation, wide entablature and an attic with oval medallions; the surface of the façade wall is segmented by pilasters. The niches display reliefs (from the seventeenth century by the sculptor J. Pfister).

The plastic-decorative layout of the interior is executed in colored marble (by the sculptor G. Horst and others). The plafond is painted (by the artist Strojnski, dating to the 1760’s).

The chapel is one of the best late Renaissance architectural and sculptural monuments in Lviv.

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