Jakob Posament

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Tradesman, public figure.
Jakob Posament (1879 - 1926) was one of Lemberg's leading commercialists and a cultural activists. Posament was the founder and first secretary of the Self-Help Association of Galicia and Bukovyna (Stowarzyszenie Zapomogowe Galicji i Bukowiny) with headquarters in Lemberg (which was founded  in 1897 by Filip Besen i Dawid Salamander). Posament was also member of Association of Accountants and Employees of Trade (Stowarzyszenie Buchalterów i Subiektów handlowych), Lemberg Association of Tradesmen (Lwowskie Stowarzyszenie Kupców), Central Association of Tradesmen and Industrialists (Centralne Stowarzyszenie Kupców i Przemysłowców), as well as a whole range of cultural, charitative and philantropic institutions and societies.

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Almanach Żydowski Hermana Stachla (Lwów, 1937).

Written by Iryna Kotlobulatova