Vul. Ruska, 07 – Chapel of Three Prelates

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The chapel is an element of the architectural ensemble of Assumption Church; it is located at the intersection of Pidvalna and Ruska Streets. It is situated in the inner yard (the entrance is through the gate of the neighboring building) on the plot of land in the corner between the church and the bell tower (Korniakt tower). It is adjacent to the northern façade of the church. The main construction periods are 1584-1591 by the architect A. Pidlisnyi and 1846-1847 (restoration). In the architecture of the chapel western Renaissance forms are combined with the tradition of Ukrainian sacral building.


The building is square in its design. It is topped with a developed entablature and three cupolas on eight-faceted drums. The facades are symmetric and segmented by pilasters. The Renaissance portal is set up in the center of the façade wall; it is adorned with semi columns with decorative reliefs carved in stone. The arched windows are framed with reliefs.    

The interior decoration includes molding of the cupola vaults (dating to the seventeenth century).

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By Ihor Zhuk

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