Vul. Khmelnytskoho, 077 – St. Paraskeva Church

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The late Gothic elements are united with the traditions of Ukrainian and Moldovan-Valakhian sacral building in the architecture of the church. The later additions are connected with the influence of the Revival architecture (the cupola of the tower). The church is constructed in the oldest part of the city on the foundation of a church from the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries. The location of the object outside of the city’s fortifications explains features of a defence building in its architecture. The construction and further reconstructions date back to 1643-1645, 1908 (restoration and the tower's new topping off) and 1950 (restoration).

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The church has a single nave, multifaceted apse and three-tiered four facet tower over the narthex built from brick and stone. The side wall over the altar is of a Gothic form. Window slits are arched and located deep in the wall. The tower has embrasures and an arched belt. The side façade displays a memorial table of the seventeenth century.  

The iconostasis of the st. Paraskeva Church made in the first half of the seventeenth century (the work of the artists of F. Senkovych`s school) is of an exceptional value.


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