Pl. Rynok, 08 – former Bernatovychivska/ Bernatowiczowska townhouse

ID: 136
The building dates back to the late sixteenth- and the early seventeenth century and was later reconstructed (in the 1840’s by the architect Fryderyk Bauman). Accordingly, in its planning structure the monument has the features typical of the Renaissance period, while Neoclassicist forms prevail in its façade decorations.  It is located on the eastern side of Rynok Square; its rear façade faces Fedorova Street. Today (2008) is is a residential building.

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The building is elongated along its east-west axis, has four floors and was built from plastered bricks. A balcony with decorative metalwork fence extends along the façade wall over the first floor. The last floor added in the nineteenth century is separated from the lower floors with a wide cornice.

The façade is segmented with pilasters and decorated with reliefs depicting mythological motifs and trade symbols (date to the 1860’s, work of the sculptor G. Krasucki). The windows are in molding. Renaissance vaults and ceilings have been preserved on the first floor.


The entry was developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002
By Ihor Zhuk