Pl. Rynok, 35 – former Maydashevychivska/ Majdaszewiczowska townhouse

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The original name of the brick townhouse at #35 is – in Ukrainian, the Maydashevychivska, or Maydashevych Manor. It is known that as of 1750 the building stood in a dilapidated condition, with restoration beginning sometime after that date. It is probable that repairs were undertaken in 1785, the year in which the first floor and rear wing were re-constructed.

The architectural work which distinguishes the Market Square structure was undertaken in 1886-1887, with the reconstruction project led by the architect Ignacy Winiarz.

The manor’s second storey is currently occupied by the Lviv Hungarian Cultural Society. The brick and block structure was registered as national architectural monument of urban development as decreed by the Ukrainian Soviet Republic Council of Ministers, 24 August 1963, Decree № 970, 326/32.   

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Ignacy Winiarz – architect


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By Ihor Syomochkin
Edited by Ihor Zhuk

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