Pl. Rynok, 16 – former Meshkovska/ Mieszkowska townhouse

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This building was erected in the fifteenth century, and its medieval vaults and ceilings have been preserved until the present day. In the nineteenth century it was significantly reconstructed and in its present condition it indicates the nature of the changes which occurred to the late medieval architecture of Lviv during the Revival styles period. The building displays the characteristic attributes of Gothics (planning structure and the vaults of the first floor) that were later complimented with the Revival styles motifs in the decoration of the second-fourth floors as a result of reconstructions of the second half of the nineteenth century.

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The building is located on the southern side of Rynok Square. It is four-floored, built of brick, plastered and elongated from north to south. The façade is segmented with lizenes and crowned with cornice with modillions. The portal and the windows have profiled mouldings. The balcony on the second floor stretches along the whole length of the façade wall. 

Due to restoration works of the 1930’s, old Gothic wall fragments have been discovered on the level of the first floor.


The entry was developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002

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