Vul. Patona, 1 – sports complex

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Construction of the Sokil Sports Complex in the historic settlement of Syhnivtsi went on between the 1950s and the 1990s. It all began in the 1950s with the construction of military factory #125 on the site of a prewar plane repair workshop. At the time it was decided to lay in a football field for a factory workers’ team at the location. In the 1950s the football field was refitted as a stadium. During the 1970-90s, an indoor gym, volleyball and handball and tennis courts were added completing the transformation into a multi-sport complex. Football, rugby, and archery teams also used the facility. Throughout its history the complex has belonged to the factory which has been called alternately, Lenin Production Holding, LORTA. Currently the Lviv local football club leases the facility through 2019.


The complex began as a football field constructed for a factory team at the site of a pre-war plane repair workshop, then under reconstruction as a large factory (1940-50s) (Lemko, 360; Melnyk, 355). The field hosted football games of the local factory team. At the start of the 1960s as the factory became well-known and prosperous, it was reconstructed as a stadium with the addition of running tracks, grandstands, and locker rooms. It became the home of the Sokil football team, which quickly grew into one of the strongest teams in Lviv region. In 1967, it accomplished unprecedented success by winning the Cup of Millions - the most prestigious football competition among Soviet athletic clubs. The team was headed by Coach Leonid Moroz, and among its stars were Viktor Aslanyan, Valentyn Khodukin, Yevhen Khodukin, and Yuri Polyanski. Sokil held its leading positions into the 1980s. At that time, factory leadership threw its support into rugby instead. From then on, the stadium served as the home for the factory rugby team, also called Sokil, which soon was competing against the strongest teams of the Soviet Union. Prominent players on the team include Yuri Hrabovski, Yuri Yankovki, Viktor Sheremet, Oleksandr Kostrikov, Yaroslav Bobyk, and the brothers Ihor and Taras Dazky. At that time, players also frequented the gym and playing grounds adjacent to the football field. In 1989 the workers initiated the revival of factory football team. It was soon restored to its leading position in Lviv football, reaching advanced stages of the 1993 Ukrainian Football Championship. Currently, the Lviv FC holds the lease to the complex until 2019. The club had plans to re-construct the complex to render it suitable to host EURO 2012 games, but lack of resources undercut the project. The complex is currently in use by children and youth teams. 


The sports complex is located on historically significant territory in Syhnivka along Patona Street. It occupies a rectangular plot bounded on the north and east by an iron fence and on the south and west by a concrete wall. At the heart of the area lies the grass football field - 94 meters in length and 56 in width - lying east to west. The field is surrounded by cinder running tracks. Six rows of audience stands are located on the field’s north side with seating for 100 fans. A gym – 35x20x10 m - is located behind the stands. A one storey administrative building sits adjacent to the field on the west, and a playground to the east. One more playground is located just to the south of the field. The main gated entrance faces Patona Street. 


Viktor Aslanyan – Sokil footballer, winner of 1967 USSR Athletic Club Football Cup

Yaroslav Bobyk Sokil rugby player 1980s, played for USSR national rugby team.

Yuri Hrabovski Sokil rugby player 1980s, also played for French clubs.

Ihor and Taras Dazky – Sokil rugby player 1980s, played for the USSR national rugby team.

Oleksandr Kostrikov Sokil rugby player 1980s, played for USSR national rugby team.

Leonid Moroz Sokil football coach, winner of 1967 USSR Athletic Club Football Cup

Yuri PolyanskiSokil footballer,winner of 1967 USSR Athletic Club Football Cup

Valentyn and Yevhen Khodukin Sokil footballers,winners of 1967 USSR Athletic Club Football Cup

Yuri Yankovski Sokil rugby player 1980s, played for USSR national rugby team.


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