Lychakivskyi Park territory – monument to Bartosz Glowacki

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The monument to Wojciech Bartosz, a peasant leader, who participated in the uprising led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko, was established in 1906 on the initiative of Polish craftsmen of Lviv. The monument was produced by Lviv sculptors Julian Markowski and Hryhoriy Kuznevych (Grzegorz Kuźniewicz).


Wojciech Bartosz was a peasant leader of the uprising led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko. He died in 1794 from the wounds he received in the battle of Szczekociny. For participating in this battle, Kosciuszko named the leader the chorąży (ensign) of the Krakow Grenadiers, giving him a gentry title. From that time on he was known as Bartosz Głowacki.

The ceremonial opening took place on 9 July 1906. The monument was designed by sculptors Julian Markowski and Grzegorz Kuźniewicz.

The monument was restored in the summer of 2016.

Unlike a lot of Polish monuments in Lviv, which were removed by the Soviet authorities or transferred to various cities in Poland after the Second World War, the monument to Głowacki (as well as those to Jan Kiliński and Teofil Wiśniowski) remained in its place. This happened due to the social aspect of the biographies of these persons: all of them were peasants or workers and fought against the imperial power.

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The monument consists of a high pedestal made of broken stone, on which Głowacki victoriously stands on the barrel of a canon: during a battle in 1794 he managed to extinguish the fire on a burning Russian canon. His left hand is raised in a call to fight. In his right hand Głowacki holds a scythe, a new weapon for that time, authorized by the Commission of the Order (pol. Komisja Porządkowa). Because of this peasant detachments were often called "mowers" (pol. kosynierzy).

The monument project was designed by Julian Markowski, a famous Lviv sculptor, in 1905; at the same time he began to make the statue. Because of the death of the sculptor, the work was completed by his student, Grzegorz Kuźniewicz. The solemn opening of the monument took place on 9 July 1906. A table with the inscription "Bartoszowi Głowackiemu bohaterowi spod Szczekocin mieszczanie rękodzielnicy we Lwowie MCMV" was inserted in the pedestal.

The original table on the pedestal has not survived; in the Soviet times, a new table was made with a similar text in two languages, Ukrainian and Polish. In 2016 the monument was restored.

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