Vul. Lychakivska, 082 – St. Peter and Paul Church

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St. Peter and Paul Church was built on the territory of an former Lychakivsky outer district, to the east of the city center. The church is situated at the intersection of Lychakivska and Mechnikova Streets. Its architecture has Baroque and Classicism elements (the bell tower). The main construction dates are as follows: 1668 (a by-road chapel is built), the middle of the eighteenth century (reconstruction to set up the Roman Catholic Church of the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit), 1798 (reconstruction to erect the church, and a presbytery and a bell tower are built – by the architect K. Fesinger) and 1887 (restoration).


The church has an apse facing west; it is built from stone, has a single nave and a clearly articulated altar section emphasized by the form of Baroque pediments. The church has vaulted ceilings and a gable roof. The three-tiered presbytery with the bell tower is adjacent to the façade; the sacristy and vestry border on the altar section. The façade is segmented into its tiers by the profiles of belt courses and is flanked by pilasters. Window niches have semicircular arched tops. The sculptures depicting the Apostles Peter and Paul (dating to the end of the nineteenth century) are set up in front of the façade.  

The pulpit (dating to the eighteenth century), the iconostasis (dating to 1862) and painting works by artists-emigrants from Eastern Ukraine (during the 1920’s) are worth noticing.


The entry was developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002

Material compiled by Ihor Zhuk

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