Vul. Kotlyarevskoho, 21 – residential building

ID: 551

This three-story apartment building with a V-shaped floor plan (1908-1909; architect Jozef Hornung) is surrounded with flowerbeds and a garden from the three sides. The corner part of the building has a trapeze-shaped projection; a small cupola is built over it and a portal is located on the corner. The staircase adjacent to the corner is oriented along a diagonal. The rooms in side wings are located in two rows. This is an example of Secession architecture.

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Справа з будівництва будинку на вул. Котляревського, № 21 – Державний архів Львівської області (ДАЛО), ф. 2, оп. 1, спр. 5246.

Material compiled by Ihor Zhuk

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