Vul. Bibliotechna – the Sykstuses Column

ID: 363
The Sykstuses Column (named after the Sykstus family, the owners of a land plot and former manor) was constructed in 1580 as a boundary-marking post, or perhaps a memorial. The planes of the tall quadrilateral pedestal exhibited relief Crucifixion scenes, as well as Latin inscriptions; the column was crowned by a cross. Twenty years later the foundations of a chapel were laid close to the site; construction of the chapel was funded by noblewoman Anna Pstrokońska. The chapel was extended, eventually ending in the construction of the St. Mary Magdalene Church on this spot. Today (2009) the changed and deformed Sykstuses Column exists as a corner-post of the stone wall, surrounding the St. Mary Magdalene Church, which functions as the Organ Music House.

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