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The PRYKVO Athletic Complex was built in the late-1970s early-1980s by architect Oleksandr Hukovych and construction engineer Volodymyr Kriukov. The complex includes a stadium for football, with a speed track, and a grandstand, a covered pool, and a complex for shooting and pentathlon, equestrian sports, bicycle track, and an administrative center. Currently the SKA-Favorit racing club and the Karpaty Football Club share the use of the stadium.


The complex made use of the sports facilities of the 26th Infantry Division which occupied the territory since the 1930s (Medyński, p217). This included a stadium, pool designed in 1931 by Tadeusz Jarosz, barracks, stables, and other outbuildings. In addition, the Division made use of the firing range located at Kortumivka Park located between Yaroshenko and Kleparivska Streets (Międzynarodowy, 1931, pp18-19). In 1949 the stadium was refitted as the home field for the Lviv SKA Football Club, (the club folded in 1989). Players on that team during its history include Y. Susla, V. Churykov, O. Filyaev, Y. Dmytrasevych, R. Yushka, I. Seketch, B. Hreschak, S. Yurchyshyn, I. Hamaliy, and Y. Lendel. Lviv Karpaty FC played its first USSR League games here in 1963. During the 1950s a speedway operated here, hosting top racing championships like the World Championships, European, and the European Cup Qualifiers. SKA Club motorcyclists competing at the time include: B. Samorodov, V. Hruzyntsev, V. Shylo, S. Lyatoshynskyi, and R. Saithareev. The track is still a working track.

The PRYKVO Sports Club facility was built in the late-1970s early-1980s at 39a Kuznetsova Street (currently 39a Kleparivska) by architect Oleksandr Hukovych. The construction engineer in charge of the project was Volodymyr Kriukov (Vuitsyk, Lypka, 1987, p154; Trehubova, Mykh, 1989, p244; Lviv, 1999, p391). A facility previously called the “White Eagle” stadium was refitted at the time and reopened as a 25 meter pool. Additional facilities went up at the time: a covered pool, a complex for shooting and pentathlon, equestrian sports, and bicycle track. The bicycle track structure was begun in 1976, becoming ready for use in 1980.

In 1983, the architects and contractors which put up the complex were awarded a State Prize by the USSR Council of Ministers for their work. The complex met the highest standards for design in sports facilities and represented innovation in urban construction. The Lviv SKA Football Club which existed from 1949 to 1989 had its stadium at the spot. Currently, Leparivska 39a is the home of the SKA-Favorit racing club and the Karpaty FC Junior team. The Ukrainian Armed Forces racing club and the Ukrainian national team currently train at the Cycle Track facility.

Countless famous Lviv athletes have trained at the facility over the years: pentathletes P Lednyov, L. Ivanov, V. Holomovsyi, rifle range champions B Melnyk, L. Leskiv, S. Tiurtiubek, S. Okhotskyi, V. Ivanchenko, archers L. Strilbytskyi, and track star D. Demyanyuk.


The SKA Sports Complex is comprised of two stadiums (a previous construction called White Eagle Stadium and a newer construction), an outdoor 25 meter pool, a covered pool and bicycle racing track. The stadiums and pools also feature covered, oval bike tracks and firing ranges, pentathlon training, and equestrian sports. The bike track surface is made from Siberian larch brought from the Khabarovsk region. The bike track covers 1,378 m3 and the grandstand holds 3,000. The facilities cover over 155,000 m3, and the overall area of the complex is 13,500 m2. As of 2011, this was the only covered bicycle training facility in Ukraine. The football stadiums have grass playing fields.


Oleksandr Hukovych – architect

Volodymyr Kriukov – construction engineer

Tadeusz Jarosz – architect

Yaroslav Dmytrasevych – Lviv SKA footballer, 1950s-1960s

Oleksandr Filayev – Lviv SKA footballer, 1950s-1960s

Volodymyr Churykov – Lviv SKA footballer, 1950s-1960s

Ivan Hamaliy – Lviv SKA footballer, 1970s-1980s

Stepan Yurchyshyn – Lviv SKA footballer, 1970s-1980s

Lesya Leskiv – Athlete at the Olympic, World, and European Games

Serhiy Lytoshynskyi – motorcyclist of Lviv SKA Club, and current President of the SKA-Favorit Club


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