Vul. Franka, 121 – St. Sophia Church

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Former St. Sophia Roman Catholic church was constructed during the 1760s on a hill, on the territory of a former district of Sophiivka. It was reconstructed in 1864. In 1944 it was converted into a storehouse, and in 1994 given to the Greek Catholic parish of St. Sophia.

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The cathedral is built from stone, has one nave, polygonal apse and a vestry that have been preserved since the 1760's. The general outline of the nave is close to a square shape. The façade is three-leveled, segmented with the profiled belt courses and pilasters, with rectangular portal opening and niches exhibiting sculptures of saints (dating to 1864, by the sculptor Paul Eutele).   

St. Sophia church represents a modest suburban church of Baroque period, reconstructed in the nineteenth century.

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The entry was partly developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002

Written by Ihor Zhuk, Ihor Melnyk

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