Vul. Fedorova, 21 – former residential building

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This old townhouse dating from the 16th c. was called Krochmalowska due to the name of its owner, Schloma Krochmal. It was a Renaissance-style building, typical of Lviv at that time, which was depicted by Franciszek Kowaliszyn in his drawing of Blacharska street in 1904 and whose theoretic reconstruction was proposed by architect Janusz Witwicki in 1944.


During the townhouse's existence its owners changed; and the building itself was changed in course of repairs. In particular, in the 19th c. the fourth floor was added, the roof was raised and roof windows were arranged.

In 1863 a project for the reconstruction of the wing was designed by commission of Hena Margoles, a co-owner of the real estate number 205, where the building was located, and Eliach Landau.

In 1872 the Magistrate demanded that the owner of the wing, Eliach Landau, should arrange a fireproof roof, for which a project was designed.

In 1881 a project for the replacement of the front townhouse's shingle roof with a fireproof one was approved. In the late 19th c. the townhouse with the wing was in a neglected condition. The building file reports the names of its then owners: Zimmermann, Sechl Stark, Mojzesz Eljasz Kepler, Eliach Landau.

For non-fulfillment of the requirements for keeping the house dated 1853 (dirt in the courtyard, faulty sewerage and toilets, lack of necessary inventory in case of a fire: 8 buckets, 2 ladders, 2 hand axes, 2 four-bucket barrels of water, 1 lamp with insertable candles), in 1872 the Magistrate imposed on the owners a fine in the amount of 1 to 4 grzywnias intended for the Fund of the Poor.

In 1904, after long-lasting reminders from the city authorities, a project for the reconstruction of the four-storied wing with toilets in the courtyard was finally designed.

Franciszek Kowaliszyn depicted the Renaissance Krochmalowska townhouse in his drawing of Blacharska street in 1904. In early 1944 architect Janusz Witwicki proposed a reconstruction of the Jewish district with the restoration of Renaissance townhouses.

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It was a Renaissance building with peculiar two-tier cellars. The upper tier could be entered from the street, while the lower one was accessed from the entryway. Its two-part and three-tract spatial structure was characteristic of the Renaissance Lviv. The five-axis façade was very chaste. The windows had profiled Renaissance trimmings with linear pediments. The ground floor was emphasized by white stone entrance portals.

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Vul. Fedorova, 21 – residential building

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Hena Margoles – a co-owner of the real estate number 205.
Eliach Landau – a co-owner of the real estate number 205.
Zelda Schönblum – an owner of the townhouse in the early 20th c., who had a new residential building built in its place.
Sehl Stark – a co-owner of the real estate number 205 (1872).
Józef Engel – an architect.
Mojzesz Eljasz Kepler – a co-owner of the real estate number 205 (1872).
Schloma Krochmal – the owner of the Renaissance townhouse; it is due to his name that it was called Krochmalowska.
Jakób Leib Zimmermann – a co-owner of the real estate number 205 (1872).
Janusz Witwicki – an architect, the author of a panorama of Lviv, who made a reconstruction of the dismantled townhouses of the city's Jewish district.


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