Vul. Bolharska, 4 – "Yunist" stadium

ID: 1975
The "Yunist" (Youth) stadium is located on the territory of the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation. It was opened in 1968. In the past days, Lviv football teams "Dynamo" and "Lviv" were playing on it. Presently (2012), the owner of the stadium is the "Sokil Rugby" club. The facility is used as a home arena of Lviv rugby players from the teams of "Sokil," "Sokil-Verkhovyna", and "Batiary." Presently (2012), the stadium is in a dilapidated condition and requires reconstruction.


The stadium was opened in 1968 and named "Yunist" (Youth) (Ракочий, 252, 275). When the park was being planted in the early 1950s, the hollow was a dump site for construction materials. After it was cleared (1950s), a contest ground was arranged here to hold exhibition performances of equestrian sport on festive days. In the early 1960s, the ground was reformatted to serve as a football pitch. No stands or racecourses were available. In 1967, a fundamental reconstruction of the ground was started. On the eastern and western slopes of the hollow, stands with wooden benches to seat 5 thousand viewers were mounted. Upwards to the south, a playground was arranged to serve as a hockey ground in wintertime. The football pitch was surrounded with tracks, jumping places and throwing places. The stadium was equipped with changing rooms and toilets. In the 1970s – 1980s, it hosted games of the football team of the "Avtomobilist"  physical training groups, who had been the winners of the Cup of Ukraine 1985. The group of winners included Viktor Vlasov, Ihor Snihur, Andriy Zavydovskyi, Andriy Klymko, Oleh Kartashov, Volodymyr Bezzubyak, Mykola Styk. Roman Fedochynskyi was the player who brought the team to its triumph. In the 1990s – 2000s, the games of the Ukrainian Cup (Major League) were held by FC "Lviv," under the guidance of Stepan Yurchyshyn. The team included Maryan Marushchak, Volodymyr Vilchynskyi, Taras Pavlish, Mykhaylo Lutsyshyn, Oleh Haras, Dmytro Semochko, a.o.

Presently (2012), the stadium is a home arena for sport clubs majoring in rugby — Lviv teams of  "Sokil" (plays in the Super League), "Sokil-Verkhovyna" (Major League) and "Batiary" (A League).

The owner of the facility, the "Sokil-Rugby" club , intended to run reconstruction of the stadium for the Euro Football Cup 2012 as they planned to locate the training base for some teams. The reconstruction project design met all UEFA requirements. It was planned to install 5 thousand individual plastic seats, to reconstruct changing rooms and administrative facilities, to change the pitch and the drainage system, and to build an underground parking lot for 680 lots. The estimated cost of the stadium renovation was supposed to be about UAH 25-27 mln. In November 2009, an installation of plastic seats was started but a full reconstruction was not planned.


The "Yunist" stadium is located on the territory of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation. It is designed to capacitate 5 thousand fans. The size of the football pitch with turf is 105х68 m. Around the pitch, there are asphalted race courses. The stadium is fitted with service and auxiliary facilities. Presently, all of them are in an unsatisfactory technical condition.


Roman Fedochynskyi — a coach of the football team "Avtomobilist" that won the Cup of Ukraine among the physical training groups in 1985.
Stepan Yurchyshyn — a prominent Lviv football player. In 1990s – 2000s, a coach of the A League football club FC "Lviv."
Yuriy Hrabovskyi — a coach of the rugby team "Sokil" in the 2000s.


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By Khrystyna Kharchuk and Bohdan Mykhaylyunyo