The City Cleaning Plant

ID: 26


An important economic object in the space of Pidzamche was the "City Cleaning Plant," which operated in the former imperial barracks on ul. św. Martina (now vul. Zhovkivska) in the interwar period. It was located near the Poltva channel, the so-called Koryto (Trough), which traditionally served a place where old local tanneries got rid of garbage and sewage (Мельник, 2010, 155). The "Cleaning Plant" served whole Lviv; except trucks or horse-drawn carriages, special mechanized devices were used there: sprinklers, sweepers, brushes, etc. Two sprinklers from the plant's equipment were designed on the tramcar basis, which was an invention of Lviv engineers. Baths functioned for the plant staff.

In Soviet Lviv the area of the "City Cleaning Plant" was used as a parking for trucks taking waste to the city dump.

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