The Krampner Townhouse

ID: 15


The district of Pidzamche, in general, was not rich and was too industrialized and therefore it was not notable for some special residential housing. However, there were some interesting exceptions to this rule. The lack of interest for Pidzamche on the part of major Lviv builders turned the area into a "field of action" for a less popular and known, but nevertheless quite ambitious building company owned by Michał Ulam, a Jewish businessman. Ulam's company was responsible for the construction of one of the most interesting Secession-style buildings in Lviv, built in 1908-1910. It is a complex of several buildings, with a two-storied townhouse of the Krampners in the center, an example of an innovative and original approach to housing and of an unusual façade design. The interior space of the complex was organized along an unusually long passage through the inner courtyards. During the construction, reinforced concrete supports were used. The building turned out smaller than indicated in the plan, perhaps, due to the lack of funds. Despite this, the latest technologies and innovative spatial solutions were used, making this building notable among others. The complex consisted of a restaurant, a shop and apartments for rent. Today the building is in rather bad condition. Its front part is empty, one can easily enter it to examine all details.

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