Vul. Instrumentalna, 49 – former swimming pool

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The Zamarstyniv Sports Complex was founded on the territory of a firing range built in 1930-31. An outdoor pool went in between 1934-37, designed by Józef Mostowski and Jan Kowalski. Changing rooms and a diving platform were designed by Tadeusz Karasiński. The pool was rebuilt following World War II and given a new name - the Spartak Sports Training Facility. Currently, (2012) the facility is in a dilapidated condition.


The Zamarstyniv Sports Complex was established on the territory of the firing range founded in 1930-31 for the Inaugural World Target Shooting Championships (Beyl, 1982, p206). Josef Kishkurno won the competition in which Carlo Kuchar – of the noted Lviv athletic family – served as a judge. In addition to the rifle target competitions, the Inaugural Archery World Championships (in which men and women competed together) were also held here. Michal Sawicki won the initial championship, and the most successful woman competitor was Jadwiga Kurkowska-Spichajłowa (Beyl, 1982, p206). At the 1931 competition the International Archery Federation was organized, headed by Mieczysław Fularski (Beyl, 1982, p206).

The Zamarstyniv outdoor pool was laid in between 1934-1937 at a cost of 370,000 Polish zloty, the monies taken chiefly from a donation by the Labor Foundation and with additional support from the Lviv Municipal budget (Gerynski, 1938, p29). The engineers Józef Mostowski and Jan Kowalski designed the project. The changing rooms and diving platform was built by the architect-engineerTadeusz Karasiński on drawings and measurements by Stanisław Dułęba. Józef Mostowski served as general contractor (Serafin, Kowalski, 1936, p59). The firm of Antoni Kunz laid in the water supply system in January 1935 (Lviv Oblast State Archive, 2/4/1114; Gerynski, 1938, p29). The guard station, pump house, and security fence were done by the architect Michał Niegrybecki in April 1935 1935 (Lviv Oblast State Archive, 2/4/1114:34). Following World War II the pool was rebuilt and given a new name - the Spartak Sports Training Facility. Currently, (2012) the facility is in a dilapidated condition.


The firing range structure has not been preserved. The swimming pool was constructed of concrete slab with a ‘shallow end’ measuring 75x60 meters, and a ‘deep end’ of 50x25 meters. Near the diving platform the depth was five meters. The 5,750 m3 pool held 8,000 m3 of water. On the beach located near the pool were four wells, each drilled to a depth of 30 meters, producing roughly 43 m3 of water per hour. Special pumps were installed to move the water to the pool. The flow of fresh water to the pools was around 1,000 m3 per day, recycling the entire pool approximately every 8 days. 430 m3 water volume every 10 hours was sufficient to handle 2,150 swimmers within some unknown (and apparently unavailable to the author) period of (one assumes) time. A small, wooden building stood near the pool where the pool managers worked, as well as a coatroom and restaurant. Guard lodgings were located on the first floor of a building not far from the pool. There were pumps in the basement of that structure and on the second floor water storage tank to supply the showers and hygienic facilities (Kąpieliska, 1938, p7) for around 5,000 people (Medyński, 1937, pp228-229).


Józef Mostowski – engineer
Jan Kowalski – engineer
Tadeusz Karasiński – engineer-architect
Stanisław Dułęba – engineer
Antoni Kunz – business owner
Michał Niegrybecki - architect
Josef Kishkurno – Lviv athlete, first target shooting World Champion
Michał Sawicki – Lviv athlete, first archery World Champion
Jadwiga Kurkowska-SpichajłowaLviv athlete, first woman archery World Champion
Mieczysław Fularski – Lviv athlete, first president of the International Archery Federation


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