Vul. Vyshenskoho, 29 – residential building

ID: 442

(1909). This is a residential building located on the perimeter of the street; it was constructed in the Art Nouveau style according to the design by architect Adam Opolski for Michal and Stefania Zawojski.


This two-story building made of plastered brick is square in its layout. The interior planning is sectional with an enfilade layout of the rooms; the ceilings are flat. The composition of the main façade is asymmetric with a buttressed central section and the entrance portal located on the right. The buttressed section is crowned with a stylized triangular pediment. The first floor is decorated with linear rusticated stone; the second floor is adorned with molded insertions. A balcony supported by delicate wrought iron corbels with a similar fence created in the shape of interwoven threads juts out in the center of the building on the level of the second floor.

This architectural monument is a vivid example of Art Nouveau architecture.


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Material compiled by Khrystyna Kharchuk