Vul. Vynnychenka, 30a – former church of the Meeting of the Lord

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The former Roman Catholic Church of the Meeting of the Lord (presently the Greek Catholic Church) was constructed on a hill with former monastery cells flanking it on the south. The construction period covers the years from 1642/1644 to the end of the seventeenth century; it is the work of the architect J.-B. Jisleni. The cathedral is modeled after San Susanna Church in Rome and is a clear witness to the influence of the Roman Baroque style.   

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The cathedral is built from stone and has one nave. It is covered with a gable roof and a small cupola with roof spire. The façade is two-tiered with a pediment and a wide frieze. The portal is decorated with columns. The façade niches display sculptures of saints (by the sculptor A. Schwaner, dating to 1688) and decorative vases.

The sacristy is adorned with murals by J.-H. Rosen (1929-1931).


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