Vul. Vitovskoho, 53 – "Dynamo" sports complex

ID: 1970

The sports facility "Dynamo" is located in the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation. It was built according to the design of an architect Myron Vendzylovych in 1969–1972, in place of a winter skating rink at Pelczynski pond popular in the 1930s, and the nearby tennis courts. The building was finished 1972. Presently (2012), it hosts a Palace of Sports and the Board of Lviv Regional Organization of physical training and sports society "Dynamo."


The present sports facility is located on the grounds of the former tennis courts built in the 1920s after the Pelczynski pond was filled in. The courts used to belong to Lviv Society of Tennis Players and Skaters, while in wintertime they were transformed into a skating rink.

In 1969–1972, a Palace of Sports "Dynamo" was built here, according to the design of an architect Myron Vendzylovych (Трегубова, Мих, 243; Вуйцик, Липка, 154; Львів, 1999, 290). Since then, a large hall has been used for competitions and trainings of gymnasts, fencers, wrestlers, volleyball players, and football players. The swimming pool is used for competitions of swimmers and water polo players. Lviv water polo team of "Dynamo" hold their competitions here. They are among leading teams in Ukraine. The fencing grounds of the Palace saw the fights of Yana Shemiakina, a London 2012 Olympics champion. Petro Korol, a Montreal 1976 Olympics medalist, a , had worked in the Palace for a long time (Кордіяк, 1980, 8). The judo wrestlers were trained by an Merited Coach of Ukraine Mykhaylo Yevtushov. The hall used to host Lviv regional championships in mini-football.

Presently (2012), the facility hosts a Palace f Sports, and the Board of Lviv Regional Organization of physical training and sports society "Dynamo." The sports groups and classes for children and adolescents include sessions in rhythmic sportive gymnastics, fencing, swimming, and water polo.


Sports ground "Dynamo" is located next  to the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture and Recreation. The building is built of brick and is plastered. It was constructed with the use of metal carcass frames and glass. It hosts a large indoor swimming pool and a sports hall for rhythmic sportive gymnastics. A symmetric composition of the main façade is refreshed with a part of the entrance hall projecting out and accentuated with a canopy, which walls are decorated with a natural stone on the exterior. On the 2nd floor level, the main façade is fully glazed with large rectangular panes in metal frames. Due to the structure, the inside swimming pool is well lit from above in daylight.


Myron Venzylovych – an architect who designed the building
Mykhaylo Yevtushov – a judo coach, a Merited Coach of Ukraine
Ihor Zinkevych – a coach of the "Dynamo" water polo team 
Petro Korol – a weightlifter, a 1976 Olympics champion 
Yana Shemiakina – fencer, a London 2012 Olympics champion


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By Khrystyna Kharchuk and Bohdan Mykhailyunyo