Vul. Tryliovskoho, 9a – Pentecost Church

ID: 227
Pentecost church (Tserkva Zislannia Sviatoho Dukha) was founded on the initiative of the local community, mostly inhabitants of the surrounding streets: Trylovskoho and Antonycha Streets. In 1996 the founding stone of the church was blessed, but the actual construction was delayed because of financial reasons. The foundation was laid in September 2006 and the construction continued afterwards at slow pace because it was carried mostly through the voluntary work of its parishioners: one day every three month they came to work on the church construction. At the present (2008), the church functions temporarily in the nearby chapel, which is an improvised construction (a former industrial hangar).

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Parish Priests (2008):

Fr. Vasyl Myrosh, parish administrator
Fr. Vasyl Kovalchuk
Fr. Ivan Mykhailiuk


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  2. Interview with Mr. Taras, Chief Constructor of the Pentecost Church in Sykhiv
Material compiled by Vlad Naumescu
Edited by Markian Prokopovych