Vul. Stryiska, 199 – "Arena-Lviv" stadium

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The "Arena Lviv"  stadium is located in the southern outskirts of Lviv, near the intersection of Stryiska street and the Ringroad. It is a large contemporary stadium built to host the European Football Cup Euro 2012. The design was developed by an Austrian architecture firm "Albert Wimmer Design Bureau." Locally, the design was customized by Lviv company "Arnika." The construction is dated 2008-2011. The opening ceremony of the new stadium took place on October, 29, 2011.


The "Arena Lviv" stadium was built to host the games of the Football Cup Euro 2012. It is one of the most costly stadiums in Ukraine (along with the "Olimpiyskyi" NSF and "Donbass Arena"). The estimated value is UAH 2 945 mln. It is the fourth largest stadium in Ukraine as to the gate count, and number one as to the lighting of the pitch.

The design of the stadium was developed by the Albert Wimmer Design Bureau (Albert Wimmer ZT Gmbh) that used to develop stadium design projects for the finals at Football Cup Euro 2008 in Austria. The adaptation of the project design was done by Lviv company "Arnika." The design of the western stand and the media center engaged structural designers Hryhoriy Shevchuk and Serhiy Dudynskyi. In addition, structural designers Ivan Yarema, Oleh Semenets, Roman Karpets, Ihor Petriv, Ihor Soroka, Roman Lutsiv, Volodymyr Ivaneyko, Roman Sheyhets, and Ihor Zapotochnyi also contributed to the design (Архітектура, 2011, 66). The design works started in 2007, while the construction was performed in  2008–2011. The executing agency and the general contractor was the Mariupol OJSC "Azovinteks" Design and Construction Company."

On November, 11, 2008, the building machinery and the staff of the "Azovinteks" company arrived to Lviv. In January, 2009, the foundation base to embed the building crane was made. On January, 20, second phase of construction started — 10 more tower cranes were assembled, the ditch for foundation was excavated and all of the ground work, concrete work and armored concrete work were done. In June, 2010, the assebling of concrete frames to fit the rows of seats, the so called slabs was begun. In June-July, the cup of the stadium was almost completed. In July, 2011, the drainage works were completed for the football pitch. On September, 25, the laying down of the natural pitch was finished. The opening ceremony took place on October, 29, 2011.

Presently, the "Arena Lviv" stadium is a home stadium for the "Karpaty" football team.


The "Arena Lviv" stadium is built in the southern outskirts of Lviv, near the intersection of vul. Stryiska and the Ringroad (the roundabout way) not far from the residential area Sykhiv. The total area is 54 hectares, the area of roads and parking lots is 60 145.2 sq.m. The pedestrian area is 97 656 sq.m., the area of water bodies is 1 090.5 sq.m., the plantation area is 2 264 sq.m. The pitch is 105х68 m in size, the capacity of the stands is 35 000 persons. The coating of the pitch is turf, the size of the natural pitch is 111х72 m. The distance from the pitch to the stand behind the gate is 7.65 m, it is 7.15 m from the central stand, while the distance from the stand to the boundaries of the playing ground is 10.65 and 9.15 m respectively. The light level on the pitch is 2800 lux.


Albert Wimmer – an architect.
Hryhoriy Shevchuk – an engineer.
Ivan Yarema – an engineer.
Srhiy Dudynskyi – an architect.
Oleh Semenets – an architect.
Roman Karpets – an architect.
Ihor Petriv – an architect.
Ihor Soroka – an architect.
Roman Lutsiv – an architect.
Volodymyr Ivaneyko – an architect.
Roman Sheyhets – an architect.
Ihor Zapotochnyi – an architect.


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