Territory of "Shenchenkivskyi Hai" skansen – St. Nicholas Church

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St. Nicholas Church is a valuable monument of the Boyko school of vernacular architecture. It was built in the village of Kryvky in Turkivshchyna region (1763) and, in 1930, it was moved to the territory of the Museum of Vernacular Architecture (skansen). 


The wooden church has three sections, square shell of the narthex, nave and the apse. It has three floors and is crowned with three four-angled domes. The gallery of the bell tower is located over the narthex. A wide belt course supported by carved brackets decorates the building along its perimeter; the main entrance doors are also adorned with carving. 

The interior is decorated by a carved arch between the narthex and the nave. The iconostasis from the eighteenth century is set up in the church. 

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