Vul. Zhovkivska, 8 – Prayer House of Evangelical Christians (Former St. Martin church)

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Former St. Martin’s Catholic Church (presently a House of Prayer of Evangelical Christians). The church complex and the monastery adjacent to it were built in the old Zhovkivska suburb on a plot of land located to the north of the center of Lviv. Construction dates back to 1736 and the second half of the eighteenth century (the monastery cells). The monument is a valuable example of late Baroque architecture.


It is a single nave church with a transept, and the altar section has a rectangular configuration. The stone building is covered with a gable roof with a fleche. The two-tiered façade has a pediment and side volutes decorated with pilasters that have capitals with rocaille ornament and arched niches.

Fresco paintings by J. Maier (from the eighteenth century) have been preserved in the interior. A carving of the crucifixion made by J. Pinsel for the cathedral is presently in the National Museum of Lviv.

A monastery cell block with a bell tower is built onto the church’s southeast. A wide square is located in front of the church entrance.


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