Pl. Rynok, 14 – former Venetian or Massari townhouse

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The building is one of the most well-known Renaissance constructions in Lviv. It used  to be the residence of the Ambassador of the Venice Republic. The construction chronology includes the periods of the late 1580’s (by the architect Petro Shchaslyvyi), the seventeenth century, reconstructions of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries and restoration of 1936. The historic name “Massari House” is derived from the name of its old owner who served as the Ambassador of the Venice Republic in Lviv. Massari house is currently used as a residential building (2008).  

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Ceilings and décor elements have been partially preserved in the building dating to the oldest period of its construction; it was completed in 1589 under the architect Petro Shchaslyvyi. The dates “1600” and “1660” on the façade and in the vestibule indicate the further chronicle of construction works, that includes reconstructions and restorations of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries.

This four-story brick building stands on the southern side of Rynok Square and has an elongated planning configuration along its axis from north to south. The façade is covered with stone and rusticated (reconstruction of the twentieth century) and has four windows on each floor. The windows are decorated with relief molding and cornices. Herald figure of a lion with wings which represents the coat of arms of Venice is set up over the portal.


The entry was developed within the project "Galiciana", 2001-2002

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