Pl. Petrushevycha – monument to Yaroslav Halan (does not exist)

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The monument to Yaroslav Halan, a Ukrainian Soviet writer, was set up here in 1972 on the then Ostrovskoho square. It was dismantled in 1992.


Yaroslav Halan, a Ukrainian Soviet writer and pamphleteer, was one of the key figures in Soviet propaganda. His death in 1949 was used by the Soviet authorities to continue the fight against the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian nationalist movement. It was then that Brajerowska (now Bohdana Lepkoho) street was immediately renamed in his honor. On 29 December 1972 a monument to the writer was installed on the then Ostrovskoho square, which was renamed in his honor from that time on.

The monument was designed by sculptors Oleksandr Piliev, Valentyna Usova, Aida Okhrimenko, and architect Volodymyr Blosiuk.

In 1992 the monument was dismantled and the square was renamed in honor of Yevhen Petrushevych. A stone with the trident and the inscription "A monument to the Western Ukrainian People's Republic and the Ukrainian Galician Army will be erected on this square" was placed nearby.

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The monument was located in the eastern part of the square, on the elevation of the relief to the east of Rustaveli street. Today only the reinforced concrete foundation of the stylobate has remained from the monument, while the square layout with the public garden in front of the monument has been fully preserved. The square consists of an alley which rose from Rustaveli street and was completed with the monument; the alley was lined with spherical maples on the sides. The alley consists of two paved lanes with a flower bed between them. Thus a symmetrical composition was formed with a view on the statue. The bronze statue of Yaroslav Halan stood on a low pedestal, covered with dark granite. The dark monument stood out against the background of a light-colored modernist building behind it, completed in 1961. At that time it was the Club of the vocational education department; now it is the Palace of Culture of Student Youth (pl. Petrushevycha, 2).

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