Vul. Kyryla i Mefodiya, 08 – Lviv National Franko University building

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Lviv Ivan Franko National University's Physics department is located in the premises of this building. It was constructed in 1911 according to project designed by architect Hryhoriy Pezhanskyi (Grzegorz Peżański) in Historicist Neo-Renaissance style.

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The building is located on a vast plot of land between streets Hrushevskoho, Kyryla i Mefodiya and Drahomanova which belongs to the Lviv University. Four big academic buildings, two library buildings and a botanical garden are situated here.

Building on vul. Kyryla i Mefodiya, 8 is a two-story brick constrution with cellars, its walls are plastered. It has a complicated planning structure.

The principal facade is symmetrical. Horizontal rhythm is prevalent in its composition due to the usage of wide cornices. A three-window wide central part of the facade slightly projects out, it is topped with a pediment and a cartouche on it. On the facade, the socle and the first floor are rusticated. The second floor is decorated with pilasters which have Ionic order capitals. Windows have profiled trimmings. The main entrance is situated in the left part of the building, it has a canopy supported by consoles above it.

The corridor planning structure is used in this building. 

In the interior, original decorative plasterwork, polychromy and metalwork have been preserved.

Behind this building, between the streets Kyryla i Mefodiya and Drahomanova there is another University building. Its address is vul. Kyryla i Mefodiya, 8a and it has an astronomical obsevatory on its roof. These both buildings share a courtyard. 

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