Vul. Korolenka, 03 – Orthodox St. George Church

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The Russian Orthodox Church of St. George was built on a slope of a mound situated between the lower part of the old Lychakivsky district and the base of Castle Hill. The church is located far back in the plot and surrounded by a fence. The administrative eparchy building stands to the east of the church. The church’s construction dates to 1897-1901, by the architects G. Sachs and W. Rawski. The church is a witness to the influences of the late nineteenth century Revival architecture movement focusing on Byzantine-Volossia features which was popular in the region of Bukovyna at that time.


The church is a brick and stone five-domed cross-cupola sacral construction. It has a configuration close to a square in its foundation. On the facades, stone structure of the corners and window mouldings is complimented with the texture of unplastered brick. The windows have semicircular tops. The portal is adorned with columns.   

The mosaic image of Christ (made by an Austrian company from Tyrole) is above the entrance doors. The interior is decorated with the monumental murals by K. Jobst (1902). A high four-tiered iconostasis made in Vienna (dating to 1900, by the artists F. von Schiller and K. Vormund) is set up in the church.

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