Vul. Kniahyni Olhy, 1-3 – Lviv State Physical Culture School

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The facility occupies a site at the crossroads of Sakharova and Kniahyni Olhy streets. It includes a main training ground, a sleighing elevated track, a training ground with turf, a dorm for pupils and a future gym hall, still under construction (vul. Kniahyni Olhy, 1). The main building of the training institution was built in the late 1950s for the sports boarding school. In 2006, an indoor sleighing track with artificial buildup of ice was built behind. The dorm was built in the 1970s. In 2008, a football pitch with artificial turf was made nearby. The territory of the institution was fenced off with a metal fence in the 2000s, except for its southern part near vul. Kulparkivska (where a concrete fence is still preserved).


Lviv state physical culture school (formerly a specialized sports boarding school) was established in 1971. It was located in the building where the boarding school had been located since the 1950s, on vul. Bozhenka, 1 (Лемко, 2009, 300). The institution lacked sports bases and housing for students, while the number of students grew year by year. The situation improved when a dormitory for students was built in the upper part of the school's territory, and an inflatable rubber gym behind the building in mid 1970s.

In 1974, the school celebrated its first graduation class. In the same year, the school's football team became a silver prize winner at the USSR Youth Cup. The 1976 graduates were more fortunate as in 1977 Andriy Bal became a world champion in football, and Oleksandr Lysenko became a European champion and record breaker in rifle and pistol shooting. A gymnast Bohdan Makuts became an Olympic champion at the 1980 22nd Olympics in Moscow. After 8 years, in 1988, in Seul, the school graduates football players Vadym Tyshchenko and Volodymyr Tatarchuk became Olympic champions. The glory of the school was enhanced by wrestlers Serhiy Hubryniuk and Ihor Pervachuk; water polo players Yuriy Sydorovych, Vadym Rozhdestvenskyi, Mykola Smyrnov, and Viktor Berendiuha; a cyclist Yuriy Zayets; a rower Oleh Tarnavskyi, a track and field athlete Mykhaylo Romaniuk, a fencer Serhiy Mindyrhasov, an archer Kateryna Pelekha, football players Vasyl Rats, Anatoliy Mushchynka, and Yuriy Mokrytskyi.

Presently, graduates of the school are also in the public eye. A fencer Yana Shemiakina became an Olympic Champion of the 2012 30th Olympics in London. A boxer Andriy Kotelnyk won a professional world boxing championship belt in the WBA version. A high jumper Dmytro Demyaniuk participated in two Olympics, in Beijing (2008) and in London (2012). Great skill is demonstrated by tobogganers Olena Stetskiv and Anastasiya Polustok; female handball players Iryna Stelmakh and Tetiana Smbatian, track and field athlets Khrystyna Stuy and Viktor Shapoval; a boxer Ivan Ilnytskyi, and a football player Mykola Moroziuk.

In the recent period, the sports facility of the school has grown. In 2006, a 35 m long training sleighing track with artificial buildup of ice was built. Since 2008, a football pitch with artificial turf has served the football players. Wrestlers can enjoy a large gym with three mat areas. There is still a large gym in the upper part of the territory that is an unfinished construction project. 


The building of the facility is structured in two storeys. The main building is located on the lower site. It is a heavy four-storey building, U-shaped in the layout, with a typical 1950s architecture. Lateral wings are covered with the hipped roof, while the central part has a double-pitch roof. The fourth floor places a specialized wrestling gym. Behind the rear façade, there is a roofed training sleighing track with artificial buildup of ice (circuit length is 35 m). Nearby, there is a playing ground. In the 1970s, there was an inflatable rubber gym at the site that was dismantled later. The upper section is occupied by a students’ dorm. It is a four-storey rectangular shaped building with a hipped roof. Eastwards, there is a football pitch with artificial turf, 94 m long and 52 m wide. The pitch is surrounded with a high metal net. The territory of the facility is surrounded with a metal fence, except for the section in the southern part, with the old concrete enclosure. 


Viktor Berendiuha — a water polo player, a bronze medalist of the  24th Olympics in Seul 1988.
Bohdan Makuts — a gymnast, a champion of the 22nd Olympics in Moscow 1980.
Serhiy Mindyrhasov — a fencer, a five-time world champion, a silver medalist of the  24th Olympics in Seul 1988. 
Mykola Smyrnov — a water polo player, a bronze medalist of the  24th Olympics in Seul 1988.
Vadym Tyshchenko — a football player, a champion of the  24th Olympics in Seul 1988.
Volodymyr Tatarchuk — a football player, a champion of the  24th Olympics in Seul 1988.
Yana Shemiakina — a fencer, a champion of the 30th Olympics in London 2012.


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