Prosp. Chervonoyi Kalyny – John Paul II Park

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The foundation ceremony for the John Paul II Park in Sykhiv took place on 28 September 2007. The program of the ceremony consisted of religious rites around the Nativity Church and the speeches of local political leaders, some of whom tried to link the visit of the Pope to Sukhiv and the future parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Possibly in connection with the park's foundation, Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko visited the Nativity Church, accompanied by the head of the Greek Catholic Church, Cardinal Liubomyr Huzar.

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Prosp. Chervonoi Kalyny, 70 – Nativity Church

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At the opening ceremony on 28 September 2007, the following persons delivered speaches:

fr. Orest Fredyna, the priest of the Nativity Church
Petro Oliynyk, the head of Lviv Oblast State Administration
Yaroslav Kendz’or, the head of "Narodnyj Rukh of Ukraine” in Lviv oblast
Taras Stets’kiv, candidate in deputy from block "Nasha Ukrajina"