Pl. Henerala Hryhorenka, 3 – Lviv Region Department of the Ministry for Internal Affairs

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Former Shareholders Cooperative Bank (1911), located on the western side of the square. It was built for the Shareholders Cooperative Bank according to a 1910 design by the architect Alfred Zachariewicz in the Art Nouveau style with elements of Neoclassicism. Various state institutions were located here during the interwar period; now (2008) the building houses the Lviv Region Department of the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

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This five-story brick building with plastered walls has a complex layout and is covered with a high one-ridge mansard roof. The inner plan is based on a corridor design with premises located on both sides. The composition of the main façade is symmetric with a slim avant-corps in the center crowned with an attic, and a lucarne over it. The walls of the building are horizontally accentuated with linear rustification, that has decorative texture on the first floor. Rusticated lesenes segment the facade on the first and second floors. Fluted pilasters with stylized Ionic capitals segment the third, fourth and fifth floors. The windows of the first floor are semi-circular tops and have trimmings with keystones. The entrance portal is located along the central axis of the building and is adorned with an archivolt. The building is crowned with an entablature with a profiled cornice. 

This building is a characteristic example of a public building from the early twentieth century. 

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Material compiled by Khrystyna Kharchuk

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