Pl. Mariyska – Virgin Mary statue

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The sculpture of the Virgin Mary was installed on 14 October 1997, on the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God. It is a copy of the statue which stood there from 1904 till the end of the Second World War.


The sculpture of the Virgin Mary was placed on this site in 1904. Previously, from 1862, it was located in the middle of a fountain well in the center of the present-day Mitskevycha square. The installation of the monument to Adam Mickiewicz caused the elimination of the well, and the statue was moved to its present-day location. At that time a contest was held for the arrangement of the square with the fountain and the figure of Virgin Mary, in which a project designed by Michał Łużecki, an architect and city official, won.

In this form, the fountain existed until 1950. Then the religious sculpture was transferred to the Boims' Chapel, today it is stored in the church of St. Andrew (pl. Soborna, 3a). The fountain was reconstructed under a project designed by architect Anatoliy Konsulov, in particular, a stone cup made by sculptor Yevhen Dzyndra was installed.

In 1997 a copy of the previous statue of the Virgin Mary, made of white marble, was installed on the fountain. The reconstruction of the fountain was carried out under a project developed by the Institute "Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya" and managed by Anna Novakivska (Мельник і Масик, 2012, 86).

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