Pl. Henerala Hryhorenka, 1a – residential building

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The residential building was constructed on the Northwestern side of the square in 1890. It was one of the first buildings that formed the square. It has mostly preserved its authentic form in accordance with the original architectural design. The portals of the first floor were rebuilt according to a project from 1938 by the architect Zygmunt Schmucker. It is an example of the late historicist architecture.


The building was constructed in the Historicist style. This plastered brick building has four stories and a complicated layout. The composition of the main façade is asymmetric. The inner layout is sectional; the ceilings are flat. The walls of the first floor are decorated with linear rustication while the second floor has diamond shaped rusticated stone. Balusters are located under the windows of the second floor. A balcony fenced with metal bars extrudes in the central part on level with the second floor. The windows of the third floor are decorated with profiled frames, crowned with triangular window cornices with decorative molding and a medallion, and are adorned at the bottom with geometrically patterned panels. The windows of the forth floor have profiled frames with keystones and are topped off with cornices. The rectangular windows of the roof are elongated and decorated with molding.


Державний Архів Львівської Області (ДАЛО) 2/2/2897: 40-45.

Material compiled by Khrystyna Kharchuk

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