Vul. Sianska – former synagogue of Beit Lechem Society

ID: 1632

The building was located in the row housing close to the suburban Beit Hamidrash and was notable for its oriental architecture. It belonged to the Jewish bakers' Society Beit Lechem. The building was destroyed during the Shoah, along with other Lviv synagogues. Today, on the place where the Beit Lechem synagogue once stood is a wasteland.


1912 – the building of the Beit Lechem Society was constructed.
1943 – the building was destroyed.


In 1912 the Jewish bakers' Society Beit Lechem bought a free plot adjacent to the suburban Beit Hamidrash and built a three-storied building there. Two lower tiers were occupied by the temple with a prayer hall, which had an area of ​​44 square meters. Architect Jakub Scheller gave the building an oriental appearance, decorating the main façade with a blind arcature and the windows with archivolts having Moorish ornaments. Its sacred purpose was emphasized by a small attic with the tablets of the covenant and the Star of David. 

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The building was erected in the row housing of Bozhnycha street; it was notable for its oriental architectural design. The three-storied brick building was covered with a gable roof. The main façade, overlooking Bozhnycha (Sianska) street, had four rhythmic window axes. The prayer hall, arranged on the ground floor, was accentuated by three large semicircular windows, decorated with keel archivolts and rectangular ornamental inserts underneath. The entrance, arranged on the extreme axis, was accentuated by a portal having a figured pediment crowned with the shield of David. Above the crowning cornice with an ornamented frieze, there was a small attic with tablets of the covenant and the Star of David in the middle of the façade. The rear façade was designed in the Art Nouveau style and was not different from the neighboring residential buildings; it had a symmetrical composition of five axes of rectangular windows. The façade was rusticated.


Jakub Scheller – an architect who designed the project of the synagogue. 


Author — Oksana Boyko